Ross Mitchell and Trent Tarzan
  21st August 2019

Some people begin to relax the moment they hear the word massage. Others, like Ross Mitchell, get aroused as they imagine the intimacy with some big hunk with powerful arms and strong hands working them over. Visiting Trent Tarzan, Ross gets exactly what he needs from the long-haired masseur, who's an...

Justin Alexander and Trent Tarzan
  18th August 2019

Romanticizing the past in this sepia-toned memory, Justin Alexander looks back on the erotic massage he received from blond muscle hunk, Trent Tarzan. Though at first Justin only needed some relief for his aching muscles, after Trent got done playing with his ass and fingering his hole, there was another...

Martin Love and Pablo Sanchez
  15th August 2019

Dark-haired and adorable, Pablo Sanchez walks into the studio for a massage. He's in dire need of a big pair of hands squeezing and kneading his body. Little does the twink know his masseur is none other than tattooed muscle hunk Martin Love. Unfortunately, Martin's table is out for repairs but that...

Martin Love and Blake Burrows
  12th August 2019

Blake Burrows loves a good massage. But it's not the massage itself he likes as much as it is a pair of big meaty hands feeling him up. He's raring to go when muscle hunk Martin Love enters. You can tell right away that Blake likes what he sees as his eyes rarely go above crotch level. But tattooed Martin...

Jason Smith and Steve Hard
  9th August 2019

Standing out on the patio, having a smoke, we get to see just how handsome and sexy Jason Smith truly is. With classic chiseled features and amazing body, he might have been carved out of marble by Michelangelo, but he's all human, all real, and very warm. Just ask Steve Hard, another handsome hunk who...

Jason Smith and Wes Ford
  6th August 2019

Clad in a black top, baseball cap and sexy briefs, Jason Smith is playing on his phone when Wes Ford walks in. The smooth, slender blond asks for a massage and Jason immediately starts feeling up the twink with the cocky bravado of a lion on the hunt. For a moment it seems Wes isn't sure about what Jason's...

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