Marc Born and Roco North
  24th January 2020

When tattooed badboy Roco North walks into Marc Born’s studio he’s more than ready for a twink massage. And from the look on Marc’s face, the tall, beefy masseuse looks like he can’t wait to get his slipper hands on Roco’s body. He applies the oil, spreading it out with smooth strokes. Almost...

Marc Born and Tommy Hunter
  21st January 2020

Super sexy and adorable twink Tommy Hunter loves a good massage. Either that or he likes being manhandled by a gruff guy with big strong hands. Whatever the reason, we're glad because it gave us the opportunity to catch up with him as he walks in to see Marc Born. The masseuse immediately gets Tommy...

Zac Hood and Timmy Cooper
  18th January 2020

When Timmy Cooper walks into Zac Hood's massage studio, the pretty twink has some attitude. It's clear Zac is unimpressed and pissed by the boy's cockiness but the big and beefy muscle jock knows how to give twinks like Timmy an attitude adjustment. Plus, he knows how to give one hell of a twink massage,...

Paul Fresh and Pyotr Tomek
  15th January 2020

Massage. It's all about the touch. Whether it's soft and gentle or deep and hard, there's no doubt a massage does a body good. And it's not just the recipient who benefits. The masseuse gets pleasure out of it, too! Just ask blond tattooed jock Paul Fresh massaging dark-haired Pyotr Tomek. As Paul gets...

Nick Gill and Stanley Falls
  12th January 2020

Stanley Falls has a kink in his back and he sees Nick Gill to have him work it out. Nick, who doesn't like to see anyone in pain, does his best to get rid of the knot. Once he does, he continues on, getting Stanley slippery with oil for a twink massage that focuses on Stanley's sweet, hot ass. Nick can't...

Denis Reed and Thomas Fiaty
  9th January 2020

Denis Reed has a huge following. Perhaps because he's super handsome with an amazing body. Or maybe it's because he's got a big dick. Regardless, Thomas Fiaty wants some of what Denis has to offer and shows up at his massage studio. After an initial intake of questions to see how Denis can cater his...

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